Associated for 100 years with the water, industry and innovation, Kirkland sprang into being as a steel town – and was known as “the Pittsburgh of the West.” Successive generations of entrepreneurs have reinvented the city.  Headquarters of retail giant COSTCO. Home of the Super Bowl champions the Seattle Seahawks. And most recently host to Tableau Software and a development branch of Google, among a myriad technology companies.  Together with its neighbor Bellevue, Kirkland attracts substantial international (including Chinese) business investment. Yet it shares the distinctive village charm and safety defining such charismatic American waterfront communities as La Jolla, California and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The greater Seattle area, anchored by technology, aviation manufacturing, high-end e-commerce, retail, and banking, boasts one of the most dynamic job markets in the country and fuels Kirkland-Bellevue’s rapidly expanding economy.  More than just a vast urban watershed, Lake Washington connects lifestyle, business and nature and symbolizes success and prosperity.

The Kirkland Waterfront Estate will please the most discriminating. You will be ideally placed to explore the cultural and lifestyle charms of the area.  Sample local Northwest produce at the Juanita Public Market. Savor word-class Northern Italian fare with a locavore twist at James Beard Prize-nominated Café Juanita, nestled in the woods a 5-minute drive away.

A mere 6 miles from you in Woodinville, Chateau Ste.-Michelle, Washington State’s oldest winery, beckons with concerts and tastings of award-winning wines. Catch a gallery tour or relax in a Hatha Yoga class in artistic Kirkland Village; sunbathe in one of the many waterfront parks; feast on Asian cuisines in Bellevue’s splendid malls and gallerias, including at the world-renowned dumpling house Din Tai Fung.

Claim the lake as your playground. Revel in year-round outdoor recreation options, blessed by the Pacific Northwest’s temperate maritime climate, or simply drink in the views of one of the most beautiful geographies on earth.

Pacific Northwest

  Esteemed Lake Washington community

  12 miles/20 minutes to Seattle to thw West

  5 miles/13 minutes to Redmond to the East

  Temperate maritime climate

  Dynamic business environment

  Bellevue-Kirkland technology corridor

  International investment in business and real estate

  Desirable Lake Washington School District

  International Community School received Gold Medal in US News Best High School List